edge's Boatyard Whitsundays



  • Haulout incl. relaunch
28' to 60'
less than 28'
$12 per foot of vessel length.
$13 per foot of vessel length.
  • Hardstand
Up to 5m beam
Greater than 5m beam (crane required)
Keel pit
$3.00 per foot, per day
$4.00 per foot, per day
$3.50 per foot, per day
  • Waterblast
$4.00 per foot
$4.50 per foot
(extra charges may apply for heavy growth)
  • E.P.A Fee
  • Mooring rentals
  • Mobile scaffold
  • Trestles and planks
  • Staircase hire
  • Crane hire
$55 per week
$25 per day
$5 per item, per day
$10 per day
$150 per hour
Boatyard on the Whitsindays Coast | Edge's Boadyard

Frequently Asked Questions


Can my boat be lifted at any time of the day?

No, all haul outs and relaunches are undertaken prior to, or on the high tide.

What size tide do I require for haul out/relaunch?

Draft of the vessel plus 1.1 metres.

What is the maximum beam you can lift?

Generally 5metres, however vessels up to 5.4m wide can be hauled out on larger tides.

Can I stay on my boat whilst on the hardstand?

Yes, for short term stays, hot/cold showers available.

Can I work on my own vessel?

Yes, in compliance with WH&S regulations

Do you have a crane on site?

Yes, we have a crane for limited lifts.

Do you have scaffolding/trestles/planks for hire?

Yes, see our rates.